About the Owner

Jyl London is the CEO and President of London Web View (an award winning leader in Web Design) and also the Founder and President of Love of Life (LOL) Foundation, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. She has worked in IT for over 20 years and has a zest for knowledge in all things technology. Being a leader at Fortune 500 companies is what led Jyl’s vast experience in business.

Jyl has always had a hobby at building websites that started almost 18 years ago when she was tasked to build the website for a small family own business call, TaxWorks; which with her team would allow CPA’s and individuals the ability to do taxes online. A website that and backend that was so valuable it was acquired by H&R Block and is still in use today.

On a personal level… Jyl’s life was far from easy as she had children really young and worked all hours of the night to support and raise her children single-handedly; However, don’t ask her if it was hard, because she would smile and say that, “she is blessed” and leave out that even with all that she was still able to run several businesses, own her charity, board for other charities, receiving her MBA and surviving cancer twice. She is referred by many as having the “IT” factor both technology and non-technology.

Although having a humility and complete passion for giving back and proud to be a professional marketer and creative director with small businesses having a piece of her heart.

“I believe sales strategies win and the most important thing to your business is how you are presented and how you communicate with your customers. After all customers are really the owners of any business.We places an intense focus on your business goals and industry challenges so that a measurable outcome can be accomplished.

Jyl and London Web View has nearly two decades of design and marketing experience. So much that we have learned through success and failure what works and what doesn’t. We aim not only to deliver an excellent product, but make the process of doing so as pleasurable for you as possible.

Jyl London - London Web View - Web Design, Web Developers, Web Design, Website, SEO, Usability, Aesthetics

London Web View - Web Design, Web Developers, Web Design, Website, SEO, Usability, Aesthetics

London Web View is a full-service website design, web development, UX and branding and digital marketing agency.

Our expert team of talented individuals will work to solve your problems and create a world-class product for you and your users.

In other words… our team is a bunch of rockstars.